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In cooperation with our network partners, we offer the highest product quality for finishing and surface treatments as well.

Immersion bath pickling / phosphating
We generally use so-called immersion bath pickling with subsequent phosphating for untreated steel. The results are comparable to sandblasting purity level SA 3.0. It takes three processing steps (pickling, high pressure rinsing and phosphating) for a 100% clean and completely dust-free surface that is corrosion-proof for up to 24 months without any additional treatment. Independent of this, the pipe interior is preserved for 48 months. Phosphating also optimally prepares the pipe for consistent priming and painting. Our pipes have 40 mμ per layer as standard; any customized specifications can be implemented.

Stainless steels are pickled and passivated according to the state of the art and in consideration of individual cleaning provisions. Preservation is also carried out according to customer requirements, or for 48 months as standard.

Sandblasting/glass bead blasting
This too is available at the highest quality level of course. Purity level SA 2.5 is our standard. Preservation is carried out according to customer specifications.

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Of course our products are packaged safe for transport and according to customer instructions.

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