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Piping Construction / Welding Technology

Whether customized or standard parts. Our welding technology joins piping components at all pressure levels and under dynamic or thermal loads to create ready-to-use components. Our benchmark is WIG gas-shielded welding, but based on the applicable scope of products manufactured, we can also work with MAG, MIG and E-manual welding.

X-ray quality
Qualified welding supervisors oversee the work of our certified welders (EN 287), who can process virtually all untreated steels – including creep-, wear-resistant and stainless steel. The quality levels and procedural qualifications involved correspond to DIN EN ISO 15614-1, as well as the AD regulation 2000 HP 2/1 and Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23/EC. Moreover, Ratinger Hochdruck Rohrleitungsbau has also received corporate certification as a specialist welding workshop by TÜV Rhineland inspectorate in accordance with DIN EN ISO 3834-2

The surface treatment is carried out according to customer specifications: pickling or blasting. Together with our network partners, we stand for 100% purity in piping systems.

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As a specialized high-pressure pipe manufacturer with our own hotbending facility, we offer comprehensive manufacturing possibilities for hydraulic applications in machinery and plant engineering.

Rohrleitungen Hydroformingpresse Rohrleitungen für hydraulische Presse

Typical production areas

High pressure and hydraulic pipes, e.g. pressure lines, suction lines, circulating lines, ring lines, tank lines, elbows, etc. for presses, machines, systems, and aggregates.

Pipes and complete spray rings or spray bars for descaling systems.

Pipes for conveyor systems and hoisting technology.

Pipes for compressors.

Pipes for industrial fittings and power plant fittings.

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