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Pipeline construction for very high loads

When it comes to high-pressure piping construction and long hydraulic lines for presses, machines and systems, Ratinger Hochdruck Rohrleitungsbau is your competent and experienced partner.

Our pipes are used in presses, forging machines, smelting, rolling and crushing mills, pumps and conveyors. We also create customized piping construction solutions for valve manufacturers, energy producers and many other industries.

Ready-to-use pipeline components 
One of our specialty areas is tube forming. We use cold or hot-bending technology to produce pipe bends of virtually all diameters and with walls up to 80 mm thick. Leveraging the strength of a certified specialist welding facility and extensive mechanical processing options, we can offer you single-source, ready-to-use piping components.

High quality – on-time production
With over 25 years of experience in high-pressure piping construction, we can guarantee on-time production as well ashigh product quality – from individual parts to complete assemblies. Modernizing of machines and fine-tuning of presses means you receive pipes of original equipment quality.

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We are also more than happy to produce your pipes as contract work.


Our pipes: Not just clean but 100% pure!
Purity in hydraulic systems starts with the construction of the pipe. To provide you with the best possible safety, we, in cooperation with our network partners, use a dip-pickling procedure for the surface treatment, guaranteeing the highest level of purity. It takes three stages of pickling, high pressure rinsing and phosphating to achieve a pure surface that is optimally prepared for preservation. Priming and painting is applied with 40 mμ per layer as standard. >>>

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Expansion of production facilities
One year after moving our production plant from Ratingen to Düsseldorf-Heerdt, we have once again significantly expanded our manufacturing capacity. After the expansion of our welding and bending departments, an additional hall was put into operation in the summer of 2013. This means we now have a hall space of 1800 sq. m available, 1300 sq. m of which is used purely for the manufacture of piping. About 300 tons of pipe or steel were processed in these facilities in 2013.

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