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Customized pipe bends

However you construct your system, our effective forming technology lets us produce the required pipe bends from a drawing, isometry or CAD.

Our production scope includes external diameters from 20 to 400 mm and wall thicknesses from 4 to 80 mm. Using multibends saves on welding seams and guarantees optimal flow characteristics, while even three-dimensional bends pose no problem for our forming technology.

Material-friendly bending methods
We produce pipe bends either cold or using a material-friendly hot-bending process with controlled heat input, depending on the material requirements and pipe diameter. This means you get quality products, which excel in terms of minimal bend ovality, low internal compression and equally low wall thickness reduction on the external sides of the pipe bend. The designs meet the requirements of DIN EN 1295-5.

Comprehensive further processing options facilitate complete solutions in the piping construction field, right up to entire assemblies.

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Typical areas of production:

Pipe bends for high-pressure piping systems in machinery and plant engineering,

Pipe bends for power supply facilities and power plant technology,

Pipe bends for bulk goods (welded bends),

Pipe bends for shipbuilding and for any other field of usage under dynamic or thermal loads.

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